Amanda Bynes showed up to court today for that bong-throwing incident that occurred back in March. Of course, this isn't the first time that she's shown up with a wild fake 'do on, but this is certainly the most colorful. It definitely looks like a hairpiece that Nicki Minaj wore about two and a half years ago. Maybe they got the same wig-dude?

Anyway, Bynes' version of the aqua green wig also comes complete with bangs, and is the crowning accessory on an outfit that TMZ called a "Fashion Disaster," but, to be honest, is quite an upgrade over past outfits the bizarre and outlandish "actress" has been seen in recently. The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater tank top is a nice cultural touch that speaks to anyone who thinks Bynes is a mere philistine, and those sweat pants over Jordan VIIIs look downright cozy.

So who wore it best?