Besides fashion shows, ad campaigns are a brand's second best bet to get its collection to the public. Which is why it's important to create conversation-starters, something unique and not just your run-of-the-mill photo of a model posing awkwardly. 

Designer Phillip Lim and his team over at his 3.1 Phillip Lim label are well-versed in campaigns. This past January alone, Lim and his crew mixed Tricking, an acrobatic underground movement, with his Spring 2013 collection. Now, though, they've enlisted hot models (obviously) and a real biker gang for its Fall line. 

The short film, titled Sonomama ("as you are" in Japanese), is set in Japan and is about "the partners, girlfriends, and lovers of the racer generation." Local actress Kiko Mizuhara, model Louis Simonon, and a few others are joined by the real live Black Shadow gang. They cruise through the city of lights all while wearing the impressive pieces from Lim's upcoming collection.  

“Tokyo street style is so synonymous with tribes and subcultures that it seemed the natural place to capture the spirit of the collection. We wanted to be sure the authenticity was not lost. We didn’t want to re-create anything, so naturally, we went to Tokyo. I wanted to capture a modern-day tribe. Cross-cultural, individual characters, whose expressions and passions make a whole," Lim told about the campaign. 

Watch above. 

[via Styleite]

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