If there were such a thing as the Street Art Olympics, this would be it. As a part of the "Work In Progress" art project presented by Swire Properties and curated by Above Second GalleryRone, Meggs, and Beastman flew to Hong Kong, joining other artists from the around the world including Cyrcle, VHILS, Xeme, Mark Goss, 4Get, Pantone C, Peter Yuill, Victor Ash and Cannonball Press. The pantheon of artists got to work immediately transforming the loading bay and 13th floor of an abandoned office building into one of the largest street art exhibitions Asia has ever seen. The opening reception attracted over 1400 people and the exhibition is sure to bring thousands more.

"Work In Progress" runs from June 17 to July 7. Check out the images above of the finished works and the video below of the process:

Rone, Meggs & Beastman at Work in Progress - Hong Kong from Everfresh Studio on Vimeo.

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