Rainy days like this make you realize that no matter how close to summer it is, you'll always need a pair of good boots. Volcom just launched its footwear e-commerce site today, and the shop not only has a couple cool sneakers, but also has some extra cozy looking boots.

You might be stacking your checks to ball out on tank tops, swim trunks, shorts, and snabacks for this summer, but a trusty pair of boots will never go out of style—and Volcom has more than a few pairs. If you're not into the whole urban lumberjack thing, you can take a few notes from these rockers, too. The boots have enough classic elements yet modern touches to resonate with people who dig skate culture, and don't want to feel like they're wearing their dad's boots.

If you're feeling any of this various styles, check the site to find out where you can purchase.