NBA style, at one point, had gotten so awful that Commissioner David Stern enforced a league dress code, and since then, the players have stepped their game up—fueling an ongoing style war. Turns out, those who have reached the league's highest peak, winning an NBA championship, have been some of the best dressed off the court.

Nearly every decade has brought players who want to look great in a suit-and-tie, but more interesting is what NBA players do outside when they aren't getting dressed up. Some players receive their gear through awesome endorsements, some have influential stylists, others have developed a taste for the finer things in life, including high fashion wears. The NBA's most stylish players to win a ring are a more diverse bunch than you would assume. There's even a tie-dye-enthused hippie in the mix. We've dug through images of the freshest ballers today, and some throwbacks who've won their share of rings; here are The Most Stylish NBA Champions of All Time.

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