27. Uta Barth

Barth's 2011 series ...and to draw a bright white line with light has done away with distant images of familiar architecture and instead has returned to the quiet space (or spacelessness) of abstraction. ...and to draw a bright white line with light looks closely at curtains in Barth's own home, and at moments the photographs seem as though they can hardly contain their content. Light in this series feels simultaneously serene and volatile, sublimely bursting out of every photographic grain, as the photographs teeter on the edge of overexposure. The light Barth's captures through film gains a kind of density and mass that presses against the frame of the image. At times it feels as though the undulating beams of sunshine in her photographs might break through and illuminate the entire rooms that hold them.

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Above: ...and to draw a bright white line with light, 2011