On Friday, Lady Gaga surprised many gays and equal rights supporters when she arrived at a pride rally in New York City. She made a speech condemning all of the anti-gay violence occurring in the Big Apple during her first public appearance since undergoing hip surgery. The singer has frequently expressed her support of the LGBTQ community so no surprises here.

Terry Richardson was apparently also in attendance, snapping pictures of Gagaloo getting ready and meeting with fans. Since many are celebrating gay rights in pride parades today (which are especially exuberant following the recent Supreme Court decision), we thought we'd share with you pictures he took.

As you may recall, the two released a book late 2011 in which the renowned photographer captured rare moments of the singer. Richardson has also shot Gaga for magazines like Rolling Stone and Harper’s Bazaar. They have also Instagrammed the hell out of each other.

[via TerrysDiary]