These are wonderfully detailed flowers that look like they may have been made out of paper or some other delicate material. However if you take a closer look you may notice how pieces of the sculptures resemble bones. That's because these flowers are made out of dead animal skeletons. The works are macabre and a bit scary, but you can't deny their beauty.

Sculptor Hideki Tokushige goes to pet shops and buys rats and mice in large quantities (they are used to feed reptiles). Then, he defrosts the bodies and carefully cuts away the flesh until he has many small bones to work with. This takes up to a month just to make sure the bones are not broken in the process.

Tokushige then glues the bones together to create beautiful blooms. He has made dozens of different kinds of flowers like the lotus, spider lily, dandelion, and hydrangea. Each one requires about 100 mice. He displays the sculptures often at museum exhibits for small periods of time. Then he buries the bones in the ground. He said of the works: "I have feelings of resistance toward touching dead bodies at first. But as I treated them several times, I became to feel a familiarity with frozen mice."

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