Ever been at the beach working on a killer tan, get overheated and do a full sprint belly flop into the water only to realize you left your iPhone in your pocket? Much like losing a child, it's absolutely one of the worst emotions one can ever feel in their lifetime. All those contacts (read: nudes), GONE FOREVER. Everest Isles feels your pain, so they went ahead and made the first swim trunks we know of ever constructed out of Scholler Dynamic fabric, which is the most breathable water-resistant fabric on the fucking planet. Throw in some corrosion-proof, uber nerd-approved RiRi zippers and a Sealine watertight mobile unit which zips into the pocket, and you can save yourself the embarrassment of ever having to text your ex "pic 4 pic ;)" again. Available in black, mint (!) and navy, the unmatched performance and perfect fit of the made in the USA Mayol model render all others trunks completely and utterly useless.