We're not sure if New York is ready for Paul McCarthy's show at the Park Avenue Armory. WS opened yesterday and runs through August 4, and it's sure to get a lot of attention for its downright disgusting display of Snow White-themed debauchery. The work consists of an awesomely nauseating film, a giant magical forest, and a voyeristic model of the artist's childhood home. The controversial yet highly influential L.A.-based artist has spent his life exploring American culture, highlighting the provocative and grotesque. The New York Times calls McCarthy a “ribald, pop-culture-obsessed provocateur.” At the same time, he is largely underrepresented at galleries because of his love of the obscene. However, the Armory was not deterred, devoting its four acres of space to the artist's largest work yet. 

We gave you a sneak peek at the work before, but since then, we got to see McCarthy's WS. The show displays works in multiple mediums, providing an all-encompassing experience. Similar to his past works, McCarthy displays childhood themes as twisted imaginings, boldly exploring the underside of culture. Escape into McCarthy's twisted world in Everything You Need to Know About Paul McCarthy's New Exhibition at Park Avenue Armory. 

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