Nick Wooster is a street style maven and #menswear icon for millions of guys on Tumblr. The former fashion industry vice president has an ability to style on people, however, the Woost God didn't always have his unshakable throne in the style annals of the menswear world. He had humble roots, just like the rest of us. 

Wooster recently gave Capsule a rarely-seen look into his life before street style fame, and shared his high school senior photo with the trade show. Admittedly, Wooster confesses some fashion faux-pas as he reveals his 18-year-old self in a plaid airplane-spread collar shirt, that could barely hide beneath a slim V-neck sweater.

The '70s brought a lot of experimentation to Wooster, he even divulges to being drawn in by the "religion of preppy," and even started to wear GANT—but not before he dabbled in decade-appropriate printed nylon shirts. "Those photo printed shirts, there's a reason why a nylon shirt is not comfortable; they don't wear well. I did a little of that," Wooster told the trade show publication.

Click here to read the complete interview. You'll get the usual fare of his must-visit shops, steak dinners with Josh Peskowitz, and how to find your personal style.

[via Capsule via GQ]