It's tough to get in the #menswear game. You have a couple of options: 1. Be born a rich, preppy fucker, 2. Come-up on the luckiest of thrift store finds, or 3. Become a #menswear #influencer and get all your tailored clothes for free. If none of those options appeal to you, there's a blazer from Hugh & Crye that makes it a little bit easier to look so cripsy—and for a decent price, too.

The brand's L'Enfant blazer is one of the most affordable pieces on the market. With four different options (charcoal, plaid, check, and navy) that go for $245 a piece, you can easily afford to look your best seven days a week. Maybe you want to be the graduate student living off student loan looking prestigious in the library. Or you just want an awesome jacket that helps you bag the honeys. Either way, you're bound to find something you like. And each jacket comes in a bevy of fits, so you don't deal with too-short arms or being able to fit a dictionary between your stomach and the jacket. If this interests you, check the brand's e-commerce site to make a purchase.