With the impending release of Kanye West's new album, Yeezus, we've been reminiscing about everything from the days he used to tweet to what important events happened in past years on June 18. Even more specifically, we're looking at what makes Kanye so awesome from an art and design perspective, including the new Yeezus "Please Add Graffiti" posters on the streets of NYC, the projections of "New Slaves" on walls around the world, and his stage design at Governor's Ball. Just yesterday, a Q&A was released in The New York Times where Kanye discusses a Le Courbousier lamp that was "his greatest inspiration" and visiting the Louvre's furniture exhibition multiple times while making Yeezus.

As such, we took it a step further and thought of 15 Kanye West-Inspired Art and Design Emojis We Wish Existed, with added context in case you need a refresh on 'Ye's art inclinations. Yeezy season is here, and while these emojis aren't exactly, we can dream.

Images by Simon Jones 

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