The physical brick-and-mortar space that a brand inhabits speaks just as loudly about its thoughts and ideas as the clothes that fill the shop. Saturdays Surf NYC has become one of the coolest brands in the city, even if New York isn't known for hitting the beach and catching waves. One of the reasons people have dug the brand so much isn't just its casual selection of menswear, but its shop looks like something off a minimalist Tumblr with its wooden benches, neatly-hung surfboards, and mannequins in tank tops.

The guys behind the shop's cool furniture, Sean Ennis and Angus McIntosh (who go by Ennis McIntosh), were profiled by another fancier of everything clean but slightly disheveled: J.Crew. Even though their work appears effortless, it's very much so a constant pushing of each other. "Being in an environment that’s constantly pushing boundaries of design and creativity makes us try that much harder," Ennis told the retailer.

And for McIntosh, the creative streak runs in his blood. "I’ve always worked with my hands. My grandfather was a carpenter, so it has always interested me," McIntosh said.

It's not just their work that's simple and stylish, the guys also like to great clothes that can go with anything. "I usually wear the same thing if I’m working or not," Ennis admitted. "I’m always in jeans and Vans."

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[via J.Crew]