Lovable comedian and actor Jack Black is creating an animated web series that will include his band Tenacious D. The project is apparently premiering on Yahoo. During a panel that took place at Cannes Lions festival, Black spilled the beans but didn't say too much. He claimed he couldn't speak more about it because "archrivals who shall remain nameless are listening...so they can do the same thing slightly better." You know he said that, cause that's totally something Jack Black would say.

Black's first series, "Ghost Ghirls," is slated to premiere on Yahoo for fall. It will be released through his production company Electric Dynamite. The show will star Amanda Lund and Maria Blasucci who are two women in their twenties who bust ghosts. It will feature cameos from David Grohl, Val Kilmer, Josh Ritter, and of course Black himself.

"The smaller the screen, the shorter my attention span. Comedy nuggets come good in short time spans. Comedy works best as nuggets of 30 seconds," said Black. He also said that the way to deliver good online content was to "go to kids with bright ideas and stay away from cliche."

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