Earlier this year from Feburary to April, Studio KCA successfully funded a project on Kickstarter to create "Head in the Clouds," a pavilion built using recycled plastic bottles and milk jugs. The structure was built as the "City of Dreams Pavilion 2012-2013" for FIGMENT on New York's Governors Island, and is open to the public throughout the summer until September 22. The cloud-shaped pavilion was designed by architects of Studio KCA: Jason Klimoski, Lesley Chang, and AIA.

The pavilion is large enough to host 50 people inside, as they relax and gaze at the surrounding plastic bottles. The entire structure uses 53,780 recycled plastic bottles and milk jugs, which sounds like a staggering number, but amounts to how much accumulates as garbage in New York City in approximately an hour. While the outer layer of the cloud is formed from "pillows" made of milk jugs, the interior is decorated with bottles containing a small amount of water tinted blue with organic food coloring.

[via Designboom]