Riccardo Tisci has become best friends with Kanye West, dressed the highest-profile celebrities, and brought high fashion to the everyday rapper and hip-hop fan through his usage of dog prints, religious imagery, and the rebirth of Givenchy. And now, it's all about to change—or, what to expect from the Tisci-designed label, that is.

The brand's spring/summer 2014 collection just showed at Paris Fashion Week and it's a complete diversion from the expected norms for Tisci. It's jarring and abrasive and doesn't make reference to the previous biblical implications. At times, the models look like Transformers in their multi-patterned outfits with subtle blues, bright reds, and blatant odes to the mechanical feel of cities. However, it's also a boldness that we've come to expect from the designer.

It's strange, it's uncomfortable, and there are few looks for people who want to make their impression through the luxury of details that high fashion is known for. Still, there's a slight restraint, and the brand briefly revives the now-signature "stars" for a look or two. But Givenchy is headed in a new direction, and let's see if fans, the menswear world, and the hip-hop community can adapt to it.

[via Style]