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There's an interesting conversation going on right now in the streetwear world: Can old brands still remain relevant? Over the past year, we've seen an interest fade away from Japanese brands that once had people lining up around the corner six years ago. At one point, there wasn't anything hotter than street artists starting clothing lines and transferring their vandal clout to limited-edition swagger, but that time has passed.

Amongst the chatter of where is streetwear headed, there are still a few O.G.s doing their thing, and Erik Brunetti and FUCT continue to sit ahead of the cool guy pack. While other brands are traveling to exotic locations for their spring and summer collections, Brunetti and FUCT took a trip, too. But they took a politically charged venture into Juarez, Mexico with their Raging Bull collection for summer 2013. The collection doesn't feature any garments you haven't seen before—snapbacks, T-shirts, sweat suits, and crew socks are standard fare for streetwear heads. And images that are sure to stir controversy are nothing new, either. However, Brunetti chooses to entertain the relationship between drug smuggling, those who live in Mexico, and the very real danger of illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border—all in an assortment of casual clothing.

That may be a lot to swallow as you're just looking to lay in the sun, pound a Tecate, and score a few numbers during a day at the beach. Still, Brunetti is able to keep the most important aspect of streetwear alive: social commentary.

If that's not too much to contemplate, check out the collection here.