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Baby Mugging doesn't sound like a trend you would appreciate but it's actually really adorable. Parents take photos of cups and mugs in front of their babies, making it look like the toddlers are inside of them. It all started when the writer of the parenting blog "Mommy Shorts" Ilana Wiles performed the trick on her five-month-old baby. She did shortly after the Boston Marathon bombings to give people a smile in adark tie for our country.

Little did she know she was creating an internet sensation. The trend quickly spread with mothers across the U.S. snapping their own photos and sharing them on were quick to jump on the trend by uploading their pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It has even made it to the United Kingdom.

Some images are more loving, with cups that have written messages on them like I Love You or Keep Calm and Carry On. Some have taken advantage of the meme and had more fun by using exotic cups to make the images more hilarious. Also, the expression on the kids' faces add even more humor to the photos. We suppose parents deserve a good laugh too.

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