Papoose putting in a surprise performance was probably the biggest story of yesterday's Summer Jam, but a ton of people couldn't help but notice the amount of leather that many performers rocked on stage. Some people even took to calling the event "Leather Jam," and the name seemed to stick on Twitter.  Afterwards, even though he was rocking a full Katie Eery ensemble on stage, 2 Chainz gave the world a cheeky reminder of his influence.

In case you're doubting how early 2 Chainz co-signed leather pants, we went back to scope out when and where he came through rocking this trend. As the Atlanta-based MC reminds us, sometimes pioneering a trend means catching a lot of shit. But if a style risk is something you believe in and actually like, then you're more than likely to pull that shit off with aplomb. For all the haters who think Deuces is just now jumping on this trend, here is A Brief History of 2 Chainz Wearing Leather Pants.

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