Today, on the Hot 97 morning show, Papoose may not have called in but we did get an explanation about how Pap ended up rocking the mic after Kendrick Lamar's set.

According to Hot 97's programming director Ebro Darden, he was shocked to see Papoose rocking the mic but one person knew all along: Hot 97's on-air personality Peter Rosenberg

According to Rosenberg, when TDE told him they were bringing Pap out he didn't even take them seriously. But TDE insisted, saying that Pap had showed Kendrick love years ago when K-Dot wasn't popping but Pap was. Cipha Sounds mentions how Pap's mentor DJ Kay Slay goes back a long way with TDE as well. 

Though Ebro admits he's not mad at Kendrick showing love to his homie from back when, he still says he's pissed that something like that went down at his show without his approval.

Guess the new movement is #BlameRosenberg since he was the reason Nicki Minaj infamously cancelled her performance last year. 

[via Hot97]

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