Normally I avoid anything with the word “Ibiza” in the product description like the plague because I’m pretty sure Ibiza invented the foam party and foam parties are where you go if you want to be sold into sex slavery. SORRY, IBIZA, BUT YOU’RE KINDA CREEPY. However, I really like Lexdray bags because they are super technical and all black and stealthy and I fucking love feeling like my trip to New York is a top-secret op until realizing I’m in struggle steerage and SECRET AGENTS DON’T FLY COACH. This bag was designed by DJ's Clark Kent and Young Guru so it’s got a whole bunch of pockets and padded sleeves for all the electronics you have grown emotionally attached to. I’m a big fan of DJ's and rappers throwing a "Young" before their names. My rapper name would be Young Homme. But I don’t rap—I just judge people who try.