I follow a lot of people on Twitter who live in New York because, like, 3-4 years ago I thought I was gonna become an influencer and move to NYC and take over the fashion scene and people would be all like, “STARTED FROM A BLOGSPOT NOW HE HERE.” My plan was to come in crazy HOT and fuck the whole game up—the old guard print media establishment would complain that I was ruining the art and pageantry of fashion with a capital "F," while struggle bloggers across the five boroughs would see me as a democratizing force in Fashion. Ya boy was poised to be Blogin' Hood. Instead, I stayed in Detroit and now I just make fun of New Yorkers from the comfort and safety of the Midwest. But that's not to say I haven't learned a lot about New York and its denizens via Twitter. Here are the most crucial facts when it comes understanding our comrades residing in the city that never sleeps, but always tweets.


PPS I had to say that because New Yorkers take themselves v seriously, which you’ll learn after you’ve lived there for six months.