Neighborhood: Mid-City
Signature style: Custom jerseys; dad swag.

Nearly 20 years deep in the rap game, Murs still sounds as fresh and energetic today as when he was making underground classics with 3 Melancholy Gypsies or the Living Legends crew. And you can sense Murs' lust for everything in not just his simple but upbeat rhymes, but also his way of dress.

A well-known neglector of anything typical to hip-hop, Murs has called out rappers for wearing dress-like jerseys in the early 2000s and even rejected jewelry. "I got a little money, and I could have bought a chain, but my momma would have killed me, simple and plain," Murs related on his second album with 9th Wonder, Murray's Revenge.

Still, that doesn't stop Murs from rocking custom jerseys (that fit), connecting with underground hip-hop's backpack culture, and rocking a 5-panel cap. Or simply dressing appropriately for the newest stage of his life: being a dad.