Neighborhood: Leimert Park
Signature style: Gear that has been cool since the '80s; a fresh pair of tennis shoes.

Dom Kennedy is your local legend, even if you're not from Leimert Park, or L.A. for that matter. The confident but laid-back emcee gained a following of like-minded fans by posting his daily 'fits on NikeTalk. At the time, Kennedy's focus tended to revolve around his footwork, but like any committed sneakerhead, he sported fresh gear to boot.

Kennedy's style mirrored the neighborhood he grew up in as years passed and the emcee gained more notoriety for his sneaker-related anthems. In his reflective track 1997, Kennedy raps, "Back in '97, man, my uncle wore the Gucci, and he rocked Polo, and he wore the Stussy." He may be rapping about years foregone, but Kennedy's rhymes not only envision his uncle's style, but his own, too. You can catch him in clothes any of us would wear: fitted hats, jean jackets, bucket caps, graphic T-shirts—always repping his hometown, L.A.