20. A.P.C.

A wise man once referred to A.P.C.’s New Standard jean as “The Gateway Denim," and for good reason. Once #menswear guys understood the basics of quality raw selvedge, A.P.C. became the de facto entry level pair for guys who had until that point had only worn pre-washed boot cut jeans from Abercrombie. A.P.C. opened the floodgates for an unnecessary amount of raw denim companies to emerge over the past several years, all the while putting out wonderfully understated garments and, I don’t know, just straight up cool shit. Three years ago, they also enlisted an ingenious marketing campaign called the “Butler Worn Out” denim exchange program. In exchange for your well-worn A.P.C.’s you would get half off a new pair, while they would flip your old jawnz for twice the price. That shit was crazy smart and if nothing else, proved that Jean Touitou was indeed the coolest, smartest dickhead in the room.