15. Robert Geller

Robert Geller solidified his place amongst #menswear’s finest after taking home the 2009 GQ Best New Menswear Designer Of The Year trophy and subsequently releasing a stellar collaboration with Levi’s (I still regret not copping that trucker jacket with the wool lining back in the day). Since then, his runway shows have become one of the most buzzed about at NYFW. This past season, his knock-out runway show even drew the likes of Knick’s superstar J.R. Smith. Geller’s clothes are important to #menswear not because they are the wearable despite being high-fashion and fairly conceptual, but because they don’t dwell in the past. Geller’s offerings are always looking forward, predicting what guys will be wearing in years to come rather than paying homage to what they did wear 50 years ago.