The unfortunate thing about street art is the fact that works are ephemeral. Although a lot of paintings, sculptures, installations, and the like have been well documented, the same does not go for street art. Luckily, a new app has made capturing street art easy and fun to do.

The 1AM Mobile App is a photography app can be downloaded free from iTunes. Users can shoot pictures of street art and share them across communities worldwide. But it doesn't just do that; the app also maps, dates, and credit street art. In doing so the world becomes a museum, allowing users too see if there are any nearby works on display. This also gives artists big and small recognition for their hard work and also charts the development of their voice, a privilege that has previously only been extended to big name artists.

The app makes a big contribution to graffiti, making street art a collective experience in the same way traditional "academic" works have enjoyed. Because street art is in a constant state of development and removal, it provides a documentation of the medium in which so many artists have expressed themselves. In a bigger way, this app provides any individual the ability to take part in recording street art history.

[via Juxtapoz]