Let's play a quick game of catch-up: Supreme is taking Married to the Mob to court over MTTM's use of the mark "Supreme Bitch." Today, we discovered that Supreme filed for a trademark for its own box logo in March of this year, but also has maintained the trademark for the "Supreme" brand since 2011. Now, we got our hands on Supreme's response to Married to the Mob's case, helmed by civil liberties lawyer Normal Siegel. Supreme's litigation is being handled by Brad D. Rose of Pryor Cashman, a law firm with a pretty cool list of clients. Which is probably the only time you will ever read that.

But seriously, does everything associated with Supreme have to be super cool?! Pryor Cashman's past clients include Bob Dylan and Duke Ellington. Meanwhile Rose's own clientele includes Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake, and Nas. So it's safe to say this isn't his first rodeo... wonder if he gets free Supreme gear? In any case, we dropped down and got our legal on and examined Supreme's arguments against McSweeney and Siegel's case. The plot thickens as we look at Supreme™ Court: 15 Reasons Why Supreme Is Suing Married to the Mob*

*Technically, "Supreme's lawyers," because this whole thing reeks of legalese, and what kind of self-respecting cool person would want to muck around in torts all day?