Celebrities these days have been trying to diversify their business ventures. One big name has decided to get into the growing field of photo apps. Snoop Lion (who of course used to be called Snoop Dogg) has partnered with Upper Playground, 99centbrains, and Cashmere Agency to release "Snoopify," an iOS and Android capable app is similar to Instagram in the way that it modifies photos.

However rather than creating a vintage look, the app adds Snoop-inspired virtual stickers created by illustrator Munk One. It's kind of a cool thing to share with firends. Although after being Snooped out, you can share the images on Instagram as well as Facebook and Twitter (which bears the hashtag #snoopifyapp). You can get the app for free but additional packs from the app cost a dollar a pop. You can download Snoopify in iTunes and Google Play.

Snoop actually has released a mobile app before--"The Snoop Lion Reincarnated App"--that allowed his hardcore fans to see the behind-the-scenes footage about his latest album. We have to say the app sounds pretty interesting. At least a lot more useful than other celebrity apps. Did you know David Hasselhoff has a $2 dollar app that gives you advice? Snoopify sounds a lot better than that.

[via PetaPixel]