OHWOW gallery in LA will hold a solo exhibition for artist Scott Campbell entitled "Things Get Better." The artist's show will contain a series of ink wash paintings that have an interesting inspiration. The art comments on the ingenuity of mankind, often solving problems and rising above. The pieces, on view May 23 through June 22, are a celebration of perseverance, even when the odds are stacked against you.

Campbell was working on a project in Mexico City that required him to document prison tattoo culture. While doing so, he discovered that a lot of the prisoners had fashioned makeshift handy devices. The inventions were made out of the few objects available to them, like electric razors, guitar strings, and toothbrushes. The improvised objects showed creativity, and in a bigger sense, human innovation.

Inspired by this experience, Campbell began painting his own makeshift devices for a series of paintings. Each painting emphasizes the ironic ability of finding creative space in steadfast boundaries. He also uses plain black ink, paralleling the bare minimum expression of his work.

The artist said: “The openness of everything can be paralyzing, and it is human nature to look for walls and barriers to push against. Walls help us to know where we are, and what we have; once recognized, we can then begin our work of flourishing and creating within them.”