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Internationally recognized artist Patricia Piccinini has unveiled her gigantic sculptural hot air balloon named "Skywhale." It has a turtle face surrounded by udders that look like drooping… well you can see in the photos. It continues Piccinini's theme of humongous creations that surprise viewers. The artist was actually commissioned for the work that's meant to celebrate the 100th birthday of Canberra, Australia’s capital city.

The work has gotten a wide range of reactions, from complete joy to utter fright. Piccinini's sculpture is meant to cause discussion about the relationship between humanity and nature as well as issues of genetic engineering. One thing is for certain: if you are within the vicinity of the work, it will grab your attention.

“I imagine it against the clear blue canvas of a Canberra sky, odd yet somehow comforting,” Piccinini said, according to Artinfo. “It plays on the idea that the relationship between planning and nature can lead to outcomes that are extraordinary in ways that are unanticipated.”

The installation has actually stirred some real controversy because people found out the balloon cost taxpayers at least $100,000 more than what was initially stated and the territory government doesn't own it.

We're not going into that mess, but you can see a wonderful video of the “Skywhale” below.

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