The cultural legacy of Lil B covers everything from his prolific output of independent rap releases, to lecturing at NYU, to being endorsed for the American presidency, to being the first rapper to sign his cat to his record label. And that's just covering the surface. And yet, incredibly: The Based God himself has yet to have his face plastered all over a head-to-toe fashion line. 

Until now.

Apparently, a young Parsons/New School fashion student named Isabel Simpson-Kirsch has decided to right this wrong, and take matters into her own hands, by designing, yes, an entire lookbook of designs with Lil B's face all over them.

We're beyond words, but Ms. Simpson-Kirsch—as wonderfully interviewed by Deidre Dyer for—most definitely is not. Explaining the inspiration for the collection, she noted her frustration with fashion school, and finding her salvation in Lil B:

Junior year at Parsons is so hard—that’s when everybody drops out. Lil B helped me through it. Being Based and positive, got me through it. And this summer, I was like, the only way I can come back and do this thesis if it really comes from my heart.

Lil B tends to have this effect on people. And while one can superficially laugh off the idea of putting The Based God's face all over a fashion line, the fact is that it's a hell of a lot more inspired than those absurd Givenchy dog shirts that are a step removed from Three Wolf Moon, and (as you can see above) the cuts on the line are pretty decent, too. Yes, art school might be extreme, but sometimes the extreme is particularly refreshing (as is definitely the case here).

In the event that you're wondering, yes, she's been in contact with Lil B, who most definitely approves. And you'd be wrong to count her out by reputation: As Dyer notes, Parsons has produced its fair share of boldfaced names in fashion, chief among them Marc Jacobs. Read more about Isabel Simpson-Kirsch's thesis, BASED, over at The Fader, and check out the rest of the looks on her Tumblr.