Stardom often leads to inflated egos that often lead to the craziest backstage requests. Call them riders or addendums, these lists feature the most ridiculous items that musicians must have on deck in their dressing rooms. Remember Drake’s laundry list of items including “1 Bottle of Pinot Grigio (Santa Margarita Only!!!)”? The extra exclamation marks means “don’t fuck this up.” However, there are those who keep the list short and practical.

The currently on-tour Kendrick Lamar revealed a few of his tour rider requests in a recent interview. Besides Fruity Pebbles, baked chicken, and Hennessy, there was one fashion item that wasn’t necessarily a reach: Polo socks. These are actually easy enough to find. Makes sense, since there's not much time for laundry when you’re on tour. If you fancy yourself a pair, hit up Macy’s and cop a multi-pack.

 [via Stylebistro]