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Haircuts come and go, but the great ones remain a piece of pop culture trivia for years to come. Even if you didn't watch Friends (seriously, who hangs out in coffee shops that much?), the most significant kernel of the sitcom wasn't anything to do with the plot, it was Jennifer Aniston's haircut. "The Rachel" was imitated by women everywhere, but they might not have styled their hair in such fashion if they know how the design came about.

Aniston's stylist, Chris McMillan, admitted to WWD that he was stoned out of his mind when he came up with the legendary hairstyle. But he feels comfortable telling all now. “I’m 14 years sober, so I feel safe enough to say that,” McMillan said with a grin to the publication.

Stoned on what? Unfortunately, McMillan didn't dish the full details of the event, but it must have been some great stuff. 

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