Hood By Air continues to impress us. Not just because HBA is worn by the most stylish rappers, is featured in The New York Times, or is designed by one of the best black fashion designers ever Shayne Oliver, but because it keeps progressing and exploring new avenues. The latest venture for Oliver and Hood By Air is a Los Angeles retail installation that will run from May 18-June 16 and is sponsored by Scion. Some might scoff at an underground fashion movement linking up with an automotive company, but the connection between Scion and HBA grew in an organic fashion.

Scion first caught wind of Oliver from a concert it sponsored for A$AP Rocky in Brooklyn, where Rocky brought about his interest in the street goth brand. "The partnership between Scion and Hood By Air was a natural step for the cultural strategy we focus on," Jeri Yoshizu, manager of sales promotion at Scion said.

The project, entitled "Morph," will take place in a locker room-like setting and offer never before seen HBA garments. Ironically, the purpose of the event is to be a luggage collection that "treats cliches like baggage." If you're interested in attending, it's an open to the public, but you must RSVP here. Who knows, you might even see Drake if you're lucky.