Design Credits: Hood By Air

You can thank Shayne Oliver for the current trend of high-fashion with an undeniably street appeal. As early at 2006, Oliver was screenprinting tees with "HOOD" on them. As things progressed, he branched out into different designs and even beyond screen printing.

While his HBA Classics line gained popularity due to co-signs from the A$AP Mob and getting placement in cool guy havens like Opening Ceremony, it perfectly encapsulates the current fashion climate, which is learning to embrace the high/low juxtaposition. What sets Oliver's design philosophy apart from his contemporaries is the deliberate self-awareness he pours into his work, in fact, he prefers the term "hood" over "ghetto" because he feels the latter has connotations of victimization, while the former symbolizes realness. He's not afraid to take risks, especially with style.

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