This year's Met Gala might have drawn weird glances from fashion's elite when the theme "Punk: Chaos to Couture" was announced. There's nothing inherently less punk rock than high fashion. Or is high fashion super punk? Enter the world of Riccardo Tisci: the head of Givenchy, your favorite rapper's favorite designer, and co-chair of this year's Met Gala.

Tisci has—in a matter of a few years—dressed the entire hip-hop world in black oversized garments, convinced grown men to wear skirts, and brought the word "goth" out of the corners of the lunchroom and Hot Topic, and as the new hot term to describe exciting fashion collections.

To clarify his intentions with this year's Gala, interviewed the designer and unearthed his dark and rebellious years; venturing into his play between religious devotion and being called the Antichrist.

"I had been doing shows in a garage, talking about a vision of sexuality, being criticized, being stopped by the Italian government. The police came during my first two shows. All that because I was doing it off calendar, because I was doing it in an illegal place," Tisci told Style.

But how does this make him punk rock? It's because Tisci wiped away the tradition of Givenchy, and came with his own ideas. Tisci told the website, "I remember my first year at Givenchy some people wrote in a review that I was Antichrist, and I'm the most Catholic person in the world…But what I did at the beginning, it was very punk because I didn't really respect very much the DNA." 

To find out what Tisci thinks about Hedi Slimane, Comme des Garçons, and what special twists the Met Gala has in store, read the rest of the interview here.

[via Style]

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