A plain gray sweatshirt? YURP. Wear it with a long white tee underneath and you will look so next level, my brahji. Plus, this Carhartt sweatshirt has armpit ventilation eyelets. FUCK YEAH PIT VENTILATION. If I was a designer that would be one of my signature design details. One, because no one likes a sweaty armpit. Two, because I buy fancy expensive deodorant and people need to get a whiff of that good good when I reach past them for the simple syrup that goes in my ice coffee. UNLESS YOU BREW THE COFFEE WITH THE SUGAR, WHILE IT’S STILL HOT, YOU BETTER HAVE SOME SIMPLE SYRUP AND YOU CAN GET ALL THE WAY THE FUCK OUT OF BARISTALAND FOREVER IF YOU THINK AGAVE NECTAR OR WHATEVER IS GONNA SUFFICE.