Time-lapse videos are used to make cool art projects, however fertility experts may use the technique to ensure healthier babies. Developed by the CARE fertility clinic located in the United Kingdom, doctors look at thousands of images documenting the growth of embryos to implant with success.

“With time-lapse we have the ability to view more than 5,000 images over the same time period to observe and measure more closely each stage of division and growth," embryology director Alison Campbell at CARE said. "As a result of continuous monitoring we have demonstrated that delays at defined points indicate abnormal development."

There is a 56 percent increase in live birth if the technique is used, according to the study. However naysayers highlight the fact that only 69 couples were used in the experiment, a sample too minuscule to make any large conclusions. However, it may be a start to something big.

“The advantage of using morphokinetic analysis to predict outcome is its minimal invasiveness,” says Martin Johnson, editor of Reproductive BioMedicine Online. Below is a video discussing the technique.

[via Petapixel]