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Do you guys know Nick Maggio? YOU FUCKING BETTER. IF YOU DON’T, IT MEANS YOU STARTED BLOGGING IN, LIKE, 2011 AND YOU HAVE ZERO TASTE BECAUSE NICK’S BLOG IS MORE STYLISH AND MORE COOLER THAN YOUR ENTIRE T-SHIRT COLLECTION. So, if you're a bitch and I have to fill you in on what’s happened since A Time To Get, listen up. Nick got really well known for taking really good photos on his iPhone. AND NEXT THING YOU KNOW HE’S TAKING PICTURES OF MODELS AND SHOOTING LOOKBOOKS ON REAL CAMERAS AND SHIT. In short, he is cooler than all of us combined, which, I guess, isn't even really that cool, but, whatever, you get the point. He just shot this lookbook for Chapter's F/W 13 collection and I don't really know what Chapter is, but I know this looks like a sweet action/thriller with sweet ass guns, hot chicks, a soundtrack full of electronic bangers and a plot that hinges on the coolest character dying because that’s what happens at the moral center of an action/thriller.