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For the third occurrence in recent memory, a tragedy has struck a Bangladeshi garment factory. This time, a fire let loose in a Dhaka sweater factory and has caused eight deaths, The Boston Globe reports. This incident seems pale in comparison to the factory collapse that has now claimed 950 lives, but it's disheartening none the less. The fire erupted on Wednesday evening at 11 p.m. after the factory was closed. Unfortunately, business management was holding an after-hours meeting with an influential member of the country's clothing manufacturers trade group when the flames burst. The fire was fed by the acrylic fibers that inhabited the workspace to produce low-quality sweaters. The source of the fire is speculated to come from the factory's ironing section.

We've pontificated several times on these unfortunate incidents, every time coming up with a muddled answer. And we're still not sure if this is because we want cheap garments so readily, or big business just doesn't care about third world workers. What are your thoughts?

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