A local businesswoman wants to turn Paula Deen's childhood home located in Albany, Ga. into a museum. B.J. Fletcher, who also happens to be running for a seat on the Albany City Commission, said she had been invested in the project about two years ago. Awkwardly she later teamed up with Deen's ex-husband Jimmy Deen to make the idea a reality. However, Paula loved the idea (she would).

"It just takes my breath away that folks back in Albany would consider doing something like this," Paula said to the Albany Herald in an interview. "I'm just trying to wrap my head around this incredible honor. I would want something like this to be a symbol of hope for people looking to make their lives better."

The Sun Herald reported that Fletcher and Jimmy Deen wish to move the house to a region at the Thronateeska Heritage Foundation. Although this project would put her in the spotlight, it is well-known that Deen differs with severe agoraphobia, a panic disorder that involves the fear of being in places unable to escape. It developed after the death of both of her parents by the age of 23.

Sorry to leave on a downer. Eat some butter and feel better.

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