Numerous luxury designers are still directly influenced by punk fashion and iconic photographs from early punk culture. For a movement that, according to Mick Jones of The Clash, lasted 100 days in its purest form, punk has had a remarkably long legacy. Several haute couture brands have based items or entire collections on the clothing of punk's early era. Punk also created the notion that clothes didn't have to be perfect to be beautiful.

After Zandra Rhodes first put ripped-up clothes on the runway in 1977, Rei Kawakubo redefined the notion of shape and form in the mid-’80s with punk influence. Haute couture has continued to borrow from the movement ever since. Elizabeth Hurley wore a now-famous Versace dress in 1994 with large slits held together with safety pins. Every model in Fendi's AW13 runway show sported a mohawk hairstyle. And in a move that circles back to Johnny Rotten wearing trash bags in the ’70s, the final look at Gareth Pugh's AW13 show was a dress made from shredded and reconstructed trash bags.