Rhode Island, by non-New Englanders, is best envisioned as a bastion for all things prep and classic Americana (it does boast an Ivy League school). It is the Ocean State, after all. Rhode Island is also the smallest state in America, and is characterized as a tight-knit community. This small-town vibe is displayed by menswear retailer Wharf's spring 2013 lookbook that is part of a Rhode small business team up, as the shop linked up with local photographer Robyn Ivy.

The collection of images doesn't stray far from the nautical aesthetic that Wharf holds dearly. Garments from GANT Rugger, The Hill-Side, Todd Snyder, and Ruell & Ray are paired with footwear from legendary Massachusetts footwear maker Alden. You might link spring with shorts, pastels, and backyard cookouts, but weather in New England is moody, and layering comes into full-effect. If you live in a wet and condition-irrational area (or just love awesome clothes), shop the collection here.