Menswear Dog: The Tie Bar, $15; The Knottery, $20
Next Level: Club Monaco, $70; The Hill-Side, $85
You Only Live Luxe: Alexander Olch, $150; Drake's London, $176

If you wanna be a #menswear dude, you don't have to dress up all the time, you just have to absolutely kill it when you do. The bowtie might seem like the obvious style choice, but don't be that guy. A bowtie screams that you're trying too hard to be stylish. Instead, build up a collection of neckties, and opt for silk knit ties, square-ended ties from brands like The Hill-Side, and perhaps even consider copping some high-end neckwear from Drake's London and Alexander Olch. When your tie costs as much as a shirt, you know you got it made.