These days, there's a lot of choices when it comes to style advice. You've got publications like us, dudes on twitter, and of course, plenty of style blogs. Need to figure out which one is the most pertinent to your interests? We got you. Here's our Infographic: Which Men's Style Blog Should You Be Reading? And if you need the URL for your results. We have a handy dandy link guide below the pic.

Text by Jian DeLeon (@jiandeleon).

Image by Ryan Haigh and Warren Cochrane.

Link Guide:
Jak & Jil -
Inventory -
A Continuous Lean -
You Broke The Internet -
Die, Workwear -
Put This On -
Gaws -
Kempt -
Upscale Hype -
Valet -
Dress Like Kanye West -
Honeyee -
How To Talk To Girls At Parties -
Impossible Cool -
Nerd Boyfriend -
An Affordable Wardrobe -
A Suitable Wardrobe -
Hypebeast -
Slam x Hype -
Selectism -
Off the Cuff -
The Trad -
Ivy Style -
Unabashedly Prep -
Superfuture -
Marcus Troy -
Jake Davis -