As paradoxical as it may sound, after an exhausting day of lounging around listening to indie bands noodle their way through 45-minute sets in the hot sun, the exact recipe for refreshment was hitting up a poolside party DJ'd by #Been #Trill. Who knew that blasting trap music at Al Capone's former desert hideaway spot was exactly what the music festival was missing until this year? With familiar faces popping up throughout the night, it was almost as if the party scene of L.A. and NYC was picked up and dumped poolside to party the night away. No one was homesick, and the only noticeable differences were the grass was a little greener and everyone was a little more tan from day one of Coachella.

The party was auspiciously thrown to celebrate the release of the collaboration between #Been #Trill and GPen, and featured installations by SSUR and Bert Rodriguez. But the real reason anyone really showed up was to get a good ol' session of ratchetness in before succumbing to a few more days of hippie-dippiness in the desert. However, if anyone at the party was trying to catch a few early acts the next day, those plans probably got tossed out around 4 or 5 a.m.