Leonardo Da Vinci, the 15th-century Renaissance inventor, is responsible for influencing or directly creating a lot of modern devices. Nuclear physicist Dr. Burt Wilde says Da Vinci may have also influenced one of the tech world's latest gadgets: Google Glass. According to Wilde, the inventor had schematics and notes detailing a similar invention.

While perusing Da Vinci's drawings at Biblioteca Ambrosiana, a library in Milan that hold's most of Da Vinci's works, Wilde noticed a drawing of a man wearing some sort of eyewear. There was a thin bar around his head that and held up what looks like a monocle. The notes describe the eyewear as Occhiovita Immagine which roughly translates to Eye Life Picture. The notes detail the experience of wearing the monocle, according to Wilde, as giving vision of real life and another reality transposed on it.

[via Mashable]