Robert Lenne

Clients: Artsy (Head of Design), Product (RED), Save the Children, Swedish Postal Office, Swedish Public Television, Ford Motor Company, Forum For Living History, and more

Rule: Mind your mark.

"The world is shaped by people who make—whether they make art, buildings, stories, or businesses.

What we make shapes the people around us and the people who will come after us. Makers have a responsibility to reflect on the impact of what they put out in the world.

Forget about being an A-player. Forget about your personal brand and your ego. Avoid working in artificial incentive structures that reward achievements which don't matter or are just plain damaging. All the useless pieces of plastic piling up in landfills and all the value-twisting advertisements covering our cities were created by talented, hard-working people led to believe they were doing Something Important. Don't fall for it.

Leaving the world slightly more inspiring, beautiful and sustainable than when you found it—that's success to me."

Website / @robertlenne